i like making fun progs with Auto Hotkey, heres a small list of some fun ones i have made

Osu Clean Songs Folder.rar v3 (w/ ignore list & Hotkey) , moves graphics and skins out of every song folder
Sound Reaction.rar , lol test your reaction speed with or without sound
ClickMouseWithKeyb.rar , someone wanted to draw while hovering their tablet, so i made this
Osu ScoresLookup.rar v3 , lookup anyones score on any map you have in Osu, no matter what rank they have on the map
Activity Log.rar add Activity Log.exe to your startup and watch your activity be drawn in the image over time, open the activity_log.htm file to view the log.
Osu OsuChatSave.rar Easily /savelog /close or /clear your osu chats